Joseph NDIFFO, MSc, DEA Applied Zoology. Technical Assistant
Joseph Le Doux Diffo is a holder of two Masters degrees in Non-Human Primate parasites (2000) and Pure and Applied Zoology (2002) from the University of Yaoundé 1, Cameroon. He worked with Cameroon Herpetology project (2001-2004) where he played an important role for the publication of the Atlas of Reptiles of Cameroon. While continuing serving at CAMHERP, he worked as volunteer at Johns Hopkins Cameroon (Jan-Oct 2005) and then Ecology Research Assistants from November 2005. Since this date, working on reptiles and amphibians and other wildlife ecology has been his hobby. He has facilitated collaboration between key government ministries and Global Viral Cameroon and has contributed largely in the coordination of field activities including samples collection, community mobilization and education. He has coauthored over 15 scientific papers related to health and environmental conservation. He is presently leading PREDICT in-country field team at Metabiota Cameroon and provides technical assistance to RoC PREDICT team and CAMHERP-CBF team.