Conservation of Mt Manengouba forest, as an:

“Integral Ecological Reserve”

            With Funds from Rainforest Trust, CAMHERP-CBF in collaboration with ERuDeF and the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife (MINFOF) is presently implementing a 3-year project around the Nkongsamba- Bangem locality to upgrade Mt Manengouba as a protected area.

           As the third inland peak along the Cameroon highlands from the coast, this eco region is a hot spot for Biodiversity on the African continent as it provides critical habitat for many threatened endemics species from various taxonomic groups.  Its unique diversity of flora and fauna include strict endemic from Small Mammals, Birds, Reptiles, Amphibians and plants resulting from its heterogeneous complex habitats that makes the area a unique center for speciation and endemism on the African continent. It harbors almost half of Cameroon’s amphibian diversity (100 species) and more than half of the most threatened Cameroonian frogs and toads.  Of special importance are three Critically Endangered amphibian species (Cardioglossa trifasciata, C. manengouba, Leptodactylodon erythrogaster) only known from few sites on this mountain. Four genera of lizard: Trioceros, Lacertaspis, Leptosiaphos and Panaspis, have radiated in the montane environment.   The highest number of Chameleons species on main land Africa is found on this mountain with seven species, including five regional endemics Trioceros camerunensis, T. montium, T. pfefferi (EN), T. perreti (EN), T. q. quadricornis (VU). The mountain hosts 270 species of birds including 44 montane species and 17 local endemics. Notable examples are: Kupeornis gilberti (EN), Malaconotus gladiator (VU), Ploceus bannermani (VU). Endemic small mammals known rom the site include: Crocidura manengubae (VU); Praomys hartwigi (EN).

This exceptional and unique biodiversity of Mt Manengouba makes it to be of highest conservation priority in Central Africa. Unfortunately, this forest has undergone degradation threats resulting from various anthropogenic pressures from surrounding communities in recent years. Through a participatory management approach, this project intends to conserve the biological diversity of this mountain while integrating the needs of the local communities living around the site. CAMHERP-CBF hereby acknowledges grants provided by Rainforest Trust USA to attend this goal for the interest of present and future generations.

Mosaic of Forest/savannah, habitat for several endemic species around the summit of Mt Manengouba.